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Discover the collection #1 [DISCOVER]

Quality ready-to-wear for techno music lovers

Reverberation, by definition, is the persistence of a sound in a place when the original source no longer exists. It is the combination of a quantity of direct and indirect vibrations giving a confused sound that gradually decreases.

This is the spirit of REVERB Techno Clothing. A brand that inspires techno music, a brand that unites a community of techno lovers. A brand that carries the message of a popular trend. With its multiple small collections, REVERB is constantly renewing its designs.

The collection #2 [DYNAMICS] is already in progress!

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REVERB Techno Clothing works in stages of several small collections. The first collection [Discover] came along with the launch of the brand and is made up of 8 t-shirts with distinctive designs. It’s an eclectic collection of clothing designs, intended to give an idea of the universe in which REVERB can immerse itself. The second collection will seek to bring more diversity in terms of supports and textiles. We will see hoodies, sweaters, but also accessories such as caps, bananas, etc.

Techno music, the heart of Reverb Techno Clothing

The foundations of the Reverb universe are based on the fundamentals of techno culture. Beyond our clothing creations, we wish to unite our community around a singular musical environment. To this end, we have developed the Weekly Tracks section, composed by us from musical nuggets made in Reverb. Each week, we will offer you a selection of new sounds, carefully selected, and concocted for your listening pleasure.

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